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Most people are aware of the dangers tobacco have on the lungs. However, did you know it also poses a serious threat to your oral health too? Yes, it’s true! Throat or oral cancer are both dangerous conditions that could be fatal. Tobacco increases the risk of throat and oral cancer dramatically, making it essential to keep in mind.

Our dentists, Dr. Lisa Halliday, cares about your oral health and wants to warn you against the hazard of tobacco use. Furthermore, our team in Sonoma, California, is here to share with you information on the link between tobacco and oral health.

Here are some links between tobacco and oral health:

– Tobacco can lead to stains and discolorations as well as stain your tongue.
– By smoking or chewing tobacco, you can end up impairing your senses and suffering from a diminished sense of taste or smell.
– Tobacco is known to lead to several severe oral health risks including oral and throat cancer.
– Tobacco can lead to gum tissue infections in the form of periodontal disease.
– Tobacco use can slow recovery time from any oral health care procedures you may have, including tooth extractions.
– The use of tobacco can make it difficult to correct problems with your oral health.

As you can see, tobacco puts a deadly risk to your health. If you have questions about your smile, or if you need an oral cancer screening, please call 707-996-6704 to schedule a checkup at the dental office of Lisa Halliday, DMD & Tom Halliday, DDS.